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Your data is the most important component of any Direct Mail Campaign..

Quality Check
We receive data electronically or on Disk, and Integrity Check.  We automatically and manually vet your data and quality check for incomplete addresses, non-postcoded addresses, invalid data and other common database problems. A few minutes in our data suite can be the difference between a professional approach and an instant ‘junk mail’ response.

From separating full names and creating salutations to reformatting field layouts and case changing, our specialist data processing department can enhance your data to its full potential, and then forward it to you electronically for use in future campaigns too.

Essential into days ‘0’ tolerance society.   Everyone’s pet hate is receiving two or more copies of a mailing. We have bespoke de-duplication software that automatically detects duplicates within your data. This is followed up by manual confirmation, and a report for your records.  We can de-duplicate single or multiple files, business or consumer, single or multiple contacts.

Our Mailsort and Presstream software zones your data via postcode, allowing your mail to be pre sorted when received by Royal Mail, for this you the customer receives maximum discounts.

Database Management
We hold many of our clients’ databases.  Each Client holds different information and has needs specific to their marketplace.  You may need a full mailing programme including regular maintenance, additions and amendments, segmentations and selections, regular mailings to specific sectors, statistical analysis and reports.  This can help larger organisations IT departments, and we will always forward clean data for internal use.  


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