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About us

Accurate Mailing Services is a company set up in 2003 by two old hands in Kent's direct mail. They do just what their name suggests....

Helen Gilbert and Kate Holland have amassed over 15 years experience in the vast Direct Mail arena. 

Impressive Quality, Competitive Price 

Accurate Mailing Services will surprise you with their blend of customer 
service, and competitive pricing. Given their history, their attention to 
detail, prompt turnaround, customer service skills, and reasonable quotes; it's no wonder they have secured a respectable client base. 

In short - the very essence of Direct Mail. 

Contact us

Speak to Accurate Mailing Services, about your next mailing campaign, to see if 
they can save you money on data work, printing, mail production, and postage.


Send mail to helen@accurate-mailing.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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